Buy Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 for only $59.99

Hello everyone,

Everyone is wondering when Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 will be released? Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES 2010) is the most realistic video game in the world of gaming. I am a big fan PES games, they beat fifa games on PS3, xbox, psp and pc.

PES 2010 focuses on improvements in stadium atmospheres and the excitement of matches. You will have more choices than before a new Master League which is going to have both Champions League and Europa League enabling you to build your players and team and much more. Also, Specific moves for real players when you play with messi, henry, ronaldo ...etc

You will also notice the improvement of online play of PES 2010 enabling you to update the game using their download center with the latest transfers.

Evolution Soccer 2010 has improved players faces, they are more realistic than those in the previous version. This screenshot compares some of the new faces for Barcelona and Liverpool players.

This screenshot compares the new faces of Liverpool players for Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 with those in the previous version. All of the faces are more realistic.

So what you are waiting for? Click HERE to Pre order Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 for only $59.99 and you will receive it 11/3/2009. You should know that Billing will not occur until shipment is processed.

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